Sandro, the "GLADIATOR" :-)

I was born in Rome and I've lived in Italy till the age of 37. After visiting all Europe I decided to settle in Aix en Provence. This city is gorgeous but, as italian, I've easily noticed a lack of the real italian kitchen among "italian restaurants" of Aix en Provence. It took me one year to have my dream come true:

to show that it’s possible to export 100% italian kitchen know how abroad by keeping traditional italian food dishes. Finally it was not that easy:

Personnel, main ingredients and professional machines, everything strictly italian!

To resume: you don't need anymore to fly to Rome to finally taste the real italian kitchen: Rome has come to Aix...




My Chef Mrs Rachele TRANQUILLO 

Rachele comes from south of Italy Castellammare di Stabia (Naples)




My Master pizzaiolo Sir Roberto MIRRA 

Roberto comes from south of Italy as well (Naples)

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