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In Aix en Provence Fast food restaurants are spreading more and more (in Italy we call this "refrigerating room & micro-waves" kitchen...). This method is more profitable but much less tasty. Our restaurant is an italian Gastronomy & Pizzeria definitely counter-trend because it takes its inspiration from an opposite concept: the "Slow food". Founded in 1986 by an italian, "Slow food" is an international movement that strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. It promotes as an alternative to fast food. Each plate is prepared on demand, nothing is precooked. Our main ingredients and, above all, our know how, come exclusively from south of Italy, the cradle of our traditional kitchen.

MEMORANDUM FOR AN ITALIAN GOURMET (How to recognize a real italian restaurant abroad...)

Menu is foreseen as the classical italian structure (Starter, Pasta or rice, Main and side dish, Dessert) and there are not traduction faults...

- reception is warmy

- personnel and above all, cookers fluently speak italian

- Main and side dishes are served in individual plates

- Salades are served dressing less, flavouring is made by customers

- cooking point of "pasta" is "al dente" and rice quality used is exclusively the "Arborio" one

- Pizza is served with the real italian mozzarella and tomato sauce is not pre-flavoured

- fresh cream and emmental are used in rare cases.



Did you ever feel thirsty after a dinner spent in a pizzeria? Did you ever get in troubles to digest a pizza during the night? Well, that's not because of the use of too salted sausages or tomato sauce but simply because the method to obtein the pizza dough is not the good one. Pizza dough is often prepared early in the morning to be stretched and sold the same day. The main outcome of this method is that leaven keeps rising in the stomach because its rising procedure did not finish yet. In our restaurant pizza dough is prepared the day D, kept in the refrigerator room for 48/72 h and stretched and sold the day D+3. Obviously this second method (largely more expensive and less profitable) allows to reach the end of the maturation process that makes our dough definitely more digestible for customers.

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